Restaurant ‘t Zwaantje

’t Zwaantje (The Little Swan) opened its doors in a little back street, called Berenstraat (Bears street), in the famous Nine Little Streets district in the heart of Amsterdam in 1973.

It started as a typical ‘brown café’, where one could wind down after a long day of hard work enjoying a glass or a cup of coffee. Daily stress could be left behind here. They even served a small dish to nourish the hungry.

In our days ’t Zwaantje has changed into an old style, typical Dutch restaurant. Over the years the choice of food on the menu increased. The kitchen, having a French touch, is as much appreciated by locals as by our friends from abroad.

The restaurant’s interior has hardly changed over the years! You might even discover the old business card you left behind here a long time ago!

We are very pleased to welcome you in The Little Swan! Enjoy!


Take a peak

Verhalen uit ’t Zwaantje

Het Zwaantje is oud, en misschien wel meer dan een restaurant. Een plek van verhalen en bijzondere gasten, we delen er graag een paar.

Ramses Shaffy, the man needs no introduction, visited us more than regularly. Alone, at his favorite table. He had 1, 2, 3 and another liqueur with our mushrooms on toast. It often didn’t take long before he started singing spontaneously. Sitting quietly in the restaurant. We remember well that a French tourist remarked that the man had a nice voice and should do something with it…


Our cooks, Remco and Hicham, have been employed for more than 15 years. And also Tjardo from the brigade has been with us for ten years. That makes us a close-knit team that can always deliver consistent quality.

We have welcomed a variety of sports heroes and artists. Prince, the complete band of David Bowie, Carmine Rojas and many others. Team boss Jan Raas and leader Steven Rooks of the Buckler team. And of course a selection of Ajacieden. Including Johnny Heitinga. Johnny, if you’re reading this: your iPad is still here…

A well-known Dutch lawyer is a regular guest of our restaurant. Even at the time of a relatively dangerous case, he did not let himself be kept away from his favourite stew. Pontifically behind the window with a bulletproof vest he enjoyed his Dutch food. We were a bit less heroic, and we are very happy to welcome him now without that vest.

Our best stories are about our regular guests. Take the gentlemen of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. For over thirty years, these gentlemen (from a joint hockey team) come to dine with us on the third Thursday of the month. First to the Eland for a beer and then to the Zwaantje. Thirty years of close friendship on table 7. We are proud to still welcome the gentlemen.