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House wines


Cuvée Thorin ~ Blanc de Blancs          glass €3,95          bottle €19,75

A fresh tasting dry, soft white wine. Easy going, it pairs many dishes. Product of France.

Niersteiner Gutes Domtal ~ Hieronimi          glass €3,95          bottle €19,75

A well known Rhine, Germany, wine with a medium dry, creamy taste. Fruity aromas and a flowery bouquet.



Cuvée Thorin ~ Rosé de France          glass €3,95          bottle €19,75

Dry, crisp freshness. Crystal clear body. Lots of fruits, zest. This wine likes rich fish like salmon, but goes equally well with poultry or pork.



Cuvée Thorin ~ Rouge de France          glass €3,95          bottle €19,75

A full-bodied Burgundy red wine with lots of ripe fruits and an elegant finish.


Besides our house wines we offer various special open wines. Ask our team for more details!



White wines



Bordeaux Blanc          €22,75

Crisp bone-dry white Bordeaux with hints of little green apples and asparagus. Delicious with smoked and grilled fish.



A.C. Muscadet de sèvre et Maine ~ sur lie          €21,75

Sur lie’ means this fresh white wine matures on lees ‘lie’ for 8 months, whereafter it is filtered. This technique allows a rich, complex, dry taste. Crisp. Excellent with mussels, shrimps and slightly grilled fish.

A.C. Sancerre          €37,50

The famous and honored king of the Loire. Irresistible. Powerful. Dry and refreshing, it pairs wonderfully with grilled fish.

A.C. Pouilly Fumé          €37,50

Pouilly Fumé is Sancerre’s charming neighbor, but it is rounder and smoother on the palate. The finale is long and pleasant.



A.C. Chablis          €37,50

France’s most famous white wine. Nice and dry. Crisp. Drink it with shellfish, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Chardonnay          €29,50

The Chardonnay grape is responsable for Burgundy’s finest white wines. This is, undoubtedly, one of them.



Pinot Blanc          €21,75

Much appreciated in Holland, this Alsatian wine is easy going, well-balanced, off dry and very seductive indeed.

Riesling          €23,75

Subtle, this slightly off dry Alsatian white wine pairs elegantly with most fish dishes.

Pinot Gris          €25,75

Astonishing spicy aromas, hints of pepper and nutmeg, this well balanced Alsatian white wine is rich and complex and pairs brilliantly with white meat such as poultry and pork.


Avondrust ~ Cape White          €20,75

A friendly light dry white wine that pleases most of us.


Sauvignon Blanc ~ Trapiche          €25,75

Sauvignon blanc is known for its bone-dry white wines. This one, on the contrary has baskets full of fresh fruit. A revelation.



Rosé wines

A.C. Côtes de Provence          €22,75

Slightly off dry rosé wine with a delightful lingering finish.



Festive sparkling wines

Prosecco Spumante DOC ~ Canella          glass €5,50          bottle €29,50

Dry freshness, lots of fruits and a nice mousse.

Champagne brut          €65,00

Nothing beats a glass of champagne to celebrate life! Ask our team what we have in stock.



Red wines



A.C. Bordeaux Rouge         €22,75

This dry red wine from the famous Bordeaux region offers you a friendly glass. Fresh young fruit flavors. It pairs with many meat dishes.



A.C. Beaujolais Villages         €26,75

Radiant with fresh red fruit, tones of raspberry and red currant. Intense flavors. Very suitable for salads and light meat dishes.

A.C. Brouilly         €31,50

One of ten crus in the Beaujolais region. Full bodied wine with beautiful tones of ripe berry fruit; raspberry, strawberry and blueberry.



Pinot Noir         €34,50

This wine is made of 100% Pinot noir grapes. A lucent red and honest wine.

A.C. Macon Superieur         €28,75

Easy to recognize by the hints of fruitiness and soft tannins, this noble wine loves white meat, poultry and cheese. Good value for money.



Merlot         €20,75

A full bodied, warm red wine made from the Merlot grape that gave fame to the wine of the St Emilion region.


Avondrust ~ Cape red         €20,75

Simplicity rules here. Easy and agreeable. Lovely fruitiness with a nice soft finish.


Malbec         €25,75

Smooth red wine with nice tones of dark red fruit. Amazing scale of flavors on the palate. Fruity finish. Tender red meat pairs this Cabernet best. What a treat.

Cabernet Sauvignon         €25,75

The smoothness of a lighthearted Italian. Fruity and elegant. Headstrong but friendly indeed.


Rioja Crianza         €27,50

A nicely balanced Rioja. A mouthful! But with an elegant, subtle finish. This caballero goes very well with red meat.


Chianti DOCG         €25,75

The smoothness of a lighthearted Italian. Fruity and elegant. Headstrong but friendly indeed.